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Al-Eid Goat
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Ali really, REALLY wants a pet. When his parents tell him they will be visiting their family in Pakistan AND he can pick out their Eid goat, Ali is over the moon. Join him as he falls in love with Pakistan, meets his cousins, and learns to speak Goat. How much trouble can a nine-year-old really get into in a whole other country?

Ali and the Eid Goat: 

5 books in the series, where 9-year-old Ali and his best friend Bear as they navigate through life's many hair-raising and often hilarious misadventures. From an epic gladiator battle to saving a mischievous baby gibbon's life, the Ali Series explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and bravery.


Author Farheen Khan


xx Pages


Ages 6- 13 yrs old


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Ali Gator Productions is honoured to be the publisher of the international edition of The Ali Series. For all Non USA and Canada orders please contact us at [email protected] Wholesale orders are welcome.


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